Window Blinds

Interior blinds comprise a series of horizontal or vertical slats. The versatile nature of this type of window treatment accommodates a number of different materials including fabric, wood, plastic and aluminum. Slats connect by threaded cords, which are pulled for control and can be adjusted to remain stationary. Slats can be angled and rotated to regulate the amount of light entering the room or even completely shut. Interior blinds and shutters provide a very low maintenance and uncluttered decorative addition to any room. Shades By Design interior blinds ensure full privacy, light and heat control, without sacrificing on style. Choose from an impressive selection of materials, finishing, patterns and fabrics and introduce the perfect design touch to suit your décor and practical needs.

Wood blinds

These are those treatments that are accepted and popular dark awash in today’s window coverings market. Bringing excellence and flexibility into any room, genuine wood blinds are an appealing and manageable enriching decision

Aluminum blinds

Aluminium blinds are produced using durable, tough materials.

These parts are made up of a high density line of stamped metal and infusion shaped plastic, and the option of 6-gauge aluminium combination slats make a spring reaction that opposes dents or curves in the slats.


Interior shutters are a great design that has appealed to sleek property holders all through the historical backdrop of window covers. With a customary style and enriching advance they have developed to wind up synonymous with in vogue homes and utilitarian interior designs.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds can be stacked firmly to the side permitting you to exploit your view. Whenever shut, they adequately square approaching light so you can have a more agreeable rest period with a larger amount of protection.

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