Window Shades

Accommodating both privacy and style, interior window shades offer a versatile treatment for any room. Whether automated or manually drawn, window shades consist of a single sheet of material or several pieces woven together. Interior window shades also perform an important practical temperature control function, lowering the amount of heat lost on colder winter days and reducing solar heat gain on hot summer days. Shades By Design interior window shades are available in a rich variety of colors, fabrics and styles, giving you the freedom to find the design that’s right for you: From an elegant feel, to a more cozy sense, or even a bright and airy statement.  Forming pleats, gathered in scallops, rolling from the top of the window and more, interior window shades can be customized to suit your personal taste and window size.

Blackout roller shades

Shades By Design Blackout Roller Shades have an exemplary simplified and modern look.

Blackout Roller Shades can be made with an assortment of fabrics and compositions and can accommodate extensive windows, entryways and skylight window openings through manual and mechanized operation.

interior Blackout roller shades
Solar roller shades living room_after

Screen roller shades

Shades By Design Screen Roller Shades are modified to suit about any window size. Interior Screen Shades fabric convey enhanced UV isolation and monitoring the view from your window while accomplishing exceptional sunlight control.

Sheer Shades

Shades By Design Sheer Shades offer an upscale way to deal with delicately filtering common light, joining the complete functionality of blinds with the non-abrasiveness of fabric.

interior Sheer Shades
interior pleated shades

Pleated Shades

Shades By Design Pleated Shades are economical and modern window treatment decision.

Offering a rich extent of colour, pattern and surface texture options. Our Pleated Shades bring protection and privacy, room obscuring or light isolation advantages.

Cellular shades

Shades By Design Cellular Shades are a prominent window treatment choices on account of their exceptional sound protection, energy saving properties and wide cluster of customized alternatives.

Interior Cellular shades
Woven wood shades

Woven wood shades

Shades By Design Woven Wood shades are produced using natural and regular materials including grasses, jute, reeds, matchsticks and wood boards. Adding these components to your living space will add an elegant dimension to your interior.

Zebra Neolux Shades

Shades By Design manual and motorized Zebra Neolux Sheer Shades offer transitional continuous movement from sheer to privacy or blackout while maintaining its elegant style

Neoluk Zebra shade miami
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