Choosing The Right Window Treatments

Choosing The Right Window Treatments

Room’s purpose

  • Some rooms are to relax, sleep, read, play or even get work done.
  • All these scenarios serve different purposes.
  • This means that there’s a window treatment for all your needs.
  • Remember, all rooms never have to be the same!


Window’s main function

  • Will you be opening and closing the windows often?
  • Do you need to access to the window.
  • Is it strictly to decorate a dull area?



  • Sometimes you want light during the day but privacy at night
  • Maybe you’re above the first floor and neighbors or passers-by are not a concern
  • For bedrooms, privacy can be important for those that need room darkening options



  • How will your choice boost the ambience in the room?
  • Neutral colors, summer, winter, fall…What season will the room represent throughout the year?



  • Many times people completely surpass this. There’s no need to sell your dream ideas or expectations short.
  • Keep in mind different products and styles can decrease or increase the cost of your window treatment.
  • It’s always good to let your designer know what budget bracket you are working with. Only them would be able to guide you in the right direction if this is a concen

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