Corporate Window Treatments

The easiest way to bring life into your workspace is with the right window treatments.


Imagine an office beaming with natural light that brightens even the dullest of corners, yet with the touch of button, the space can be dimmed to provide privacy, temperature or glare control. Or envision yourself holding meeting in the conference room, and for the first time ever, no one is distracted by the sounds that occur outside your window or the glare on your presentation screen!

With our wide variety of products and extensive experience, our corporate team strives to turn these visions into reality.


When finding the right window treatment for your space, our team studies options that provide:


  • Cost & Energy Efficiency: The cost of running a business is not cheap. With temperature and glare control products, companies are able save money on their energy bills.  
  • Time Efficiency: With treatments that are easy to maintain, clean, and operate, you get to spend more time on what really matters; running a successful business.   
  • Noise Reduction: Most corporate spaces are in urban locations. Consequently, the beautiful city life is almost t always accompanied with noise. Noise is not just an outdoor issue, as it can occur inside if your office is located in a large and heavily populated building. Treatments that drown out sound allow you to focus on your tasks at hand and meet your deadlines.  


  • Versatility: Motorized or fully automated treatments can be controlled remotely and even connect to third-party devices bringing versatility, convenience and style to your location   

 At Shades By Design, we understand that no two buildings are the same, and with that in mind, our aim is to contribute to each client’s unique and personal needs. Whether your space has an abundance of windows or just a few; Whether you are furnishing an entire office building, retail space, or private suite, there is a solution for you!

Recommended Corporate Products 
Aluminum Blinds
Blackout Shades
Motorized Blinds and Shades
Outdoor Venetian Blinds
Screen Shades

Corporate Services Include
Single Office Spaces
Office Buildings
Retail Spaces
And More…..

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