Hospitality Window Treatments

As a leading provider in the hospitality industry, Shades by Design understands the unique and aesthetic designs your ideal space requires.
Our expert window treatments specialists will work with you to provide a solution that: is pleasing to the eye; helps create an inviting, guest pleasing and functional environment; and is safe, innovative, and easy to maintain.


With the many indoor and outdoor window treatments and coverings we offer for both private and common areas, we aim to find a fully customized and cost effective solution for you.

Images From Our latest hospitality projects:

Indoor Treatments:
One thing cafes, restaurants, hotels, lounges and other hospitality businesses have in common is large and luxurious windows. Architecture such as this, although beautiful, comes with a few factors that can negatively effect a guest’s experience which include excess lighting, glare, temperature, lack of privacy, and limited safety.


To ensure optimal comfort for both you and your guests, when providing an original design for your space, our experienced team takes into consideration:

  • Safety: Installing window treatments that are fire-rated, child safe, and provide privacy, give both you and your guests peace of mind.
  • Comfort: No one likes being too hot or too cold when trying to enjoy a nice relaxing time out. Temperature Control treatments provide an environment and atmosphere that is “just right” for you and your guests.Lighting and glare is also a part of comfort, as you want your clients to be able to read a menu, book, newspaper, and/or technological devices effortlessly. With Light and Glare control products, this is possible.
  • Innovation: We are always looking for new and innovative ways to provide window treatments to a business and technology is where it’s at! We are able to install products that are not only remote controlled, but programmable to third party devices such as tablets and smartphones. Can you imagine the amazement from your guests when they realize the window treatments can be controlled with one touch of a button to create the perfect ambiance? This is the kind of heightened experience we aim for.
  • Maintenance: The hospitality industry is a revolving door where guests and customers are constantly in and out.  When you need to prepare your space for new clients, time is not on your side. With Shades By Design’s products, clean up and maintenance is a breeze!


Outdoor Treatments:
Outdoor solutions are just as important for a comfortable and memorable experience. From lounging out on a patio, pool deck, or courtyard, to enjoying a nice dinner on a terrace or balcony, Shades By Design offers options that help protect guests from the sun, rain and more.

Outdoor window coverings are also an option since they offer weather protection as well as the temperature, glare and light control mentioned above.


Hospitality and leisure atmospheres become popular destinations by creating memorable guest experiences. So, whether your clients are enjoying fine dining at your restaurant/cafe, lounging about near the pool, or settling down for the night in their hotel room, Shades by Design has the perfect solution for you.

Most Common Products For Hospitality:
Aluminum Blinds
Motorized Blinds & Shades
Screen Shades
Blackout Shades

Hospitality Services Include:
Luxury, Boutique and Full Service Hotels
And More….

What type of Hospitality locations do you service?

Shades By Design works with cafes, lounges, luxury and boutique hotels, restaurants, lounges, and more.

What is the difference between hotel draperies and other drapery installations?

There are certain guidelines that must be followed when installing draperies in hotel rooms. For example, these drapes must be child safe and fire-rated (flame retardant). They must also be easily accessible and operational for anyone; for example, they must contain operating wands that are easily operable with one hand without the need to grasp tightly or pinch and twist the wrist.

Hotel Blackout Curtains vs. Residential. What is the difference?

Hotel blackout curtains vary from residential curtains as they must be ADA compliant (similar to compliances mentioned above), fire-retardant, and thick enough to reduce outside noise and block out 100 percent exterior light.

Can hospitality window treatments be automated?

Yes. Our Shades By Design team can motorize/automate virtually any window treatment solution. Whether this is for hotels, restaurants, stores and more. We can even sync your window treatments with existing whole-building automation systems.

Do you do more than just window treatments for hospitality locations?

Yes. We also offer upholstery. If you need to reupholster your banquettes and more, Shades By Design can help. Take a look at this Starbucks upholstery project for reference.

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