2016 Window Treatment Trends

2016 Window Treatment Trends

There’s no doubt window treatments add style and decor to your home; it’s also a long term home investment.

We want to make sure you stay up to date with what’s popular.

Here’s a list of the top 2016 trends for your window treatments.

1. Bold Colors:

Add a luxurious atmosphere to any room; and everyone wants to be different, right?

2. Natural Light:

For many people this everyday thing allows for a boost in mood and energy anytime of the day.

3. Eco Friendly:

Everyone wants to pitch in to the environment and blend nature’s soft colors; this is good with pastel like colors and bamboo fabrics.

4. Mix & Match:

Some rooms serve multiple purposes and understanding these can be great, as you can have a translucent and blackout treatment in one window.

5. Modern:

With home decor trends shifting to contemporary; metallics are way to go in Drapery tracks and rods

6. Creativity:

Simple and plain is not fun and rarely adds a “wow” factor decor-wise to a room, take some time to find fun patterns.