Enjoy Happy Sailing with Window Treatments for your Yacht or Boat

Enjoy Happy Sailing with Window Treatments for your Yacht or Boat

If you own a yacht or boat, then you probably face the same issues most boat owners have: Keeping a comfortable interior temperature, maintaining privacy while at dock, and filtering light.

Window treatments for your boat or yacht offer a cost-effective solution to the above mentioned, while also enhancing the décor, and offering convenience and ease of operation.

Your Yacht and Boat Window Treatments Should Consist of The Following: 

Light Filtering

Custom blinds and shades for your yacht or boat should be designed to filter out light. This is important for safe sailing, especially for the captain. Light filtering window treatments reduce glare and excess light that can hinder a clear view.

When it comes to bedrooms on the yacht, you may want to consider blackout options for better sleep no matter the time of day.


Enhanced Privacy

When you are in the open waters, privacy may not be an issue, but while at the dock, you may want to interior views to the interior.

Maritime Certified and Fire Rate Fabrics

When searching for the perfect window covering solution for your boat or yacht, it is important that the products and fabrics are both maritime certified and fire rated. Do not cut corners and go for other options just because they may cost less. You want to make sure you have the best quality for durability and safety.


Energy Efficiency 

With the large windows on boats and yachts, it is easy to consume a lot of energy when heating and cooling the interior. The right window covering solution can help insulate your boat or yacht’s interior to help keep cold air in during the summer months, and warm air in during the chilly seasons.


Cordless Lift

Cords are another safety concern. The best window treatments for your boat or yacht would be those with a cordless lift. Not only is this a safer option, but it also has a great aesthetic.

Motorized window treatments are the best way to go. They offer the option of cordless lift, hands-free operation, and easy maintenance.


Hold-Down Brackets

Hold-down brackets and or cable guides are very important as they hold your yacht or boat window treatments in place, even in choppy waters. This is great for smooth, distraction-free sailing.


If you are looking to install custom window treatments on your boat or yacht, utilizing a professional is the best way to ensure you receive all the benefits and features mentioned above. 


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