Finding the Right Window Treatments for Your Commercial Property

Finding the Right Window Treatments for Your Commercial Property

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Searching for window treatments for commercial and industrial locations is not as simple as searching for your home. There are codes that need to be met and sometimes there are design rules that need to be followed when working with architects, developers, and designers. When looking for the best window treatment for your corporate, health, hospitality, or industrial building, here are few things to consider before making a final decision.

  1. Location

Location is a very important factor when it comes to deciding what window treatment you will need for your commercial space, as it helps determine the fabrics, materials, hardware, and colors that will work best for this space. This will also help determine the best way to operate these solutions.

Where are you looking to install these window treatments? Will they be used in:

  • A common area such as a lobby, waiting room, break room, business center?
  • A high traffic area where there is a high possibility of others touching and staining the fabrics?
  • A high moisture area such as a bathroom, kitchen, etc?
  • An area that is hard to reach?
  • An area that requires ultimate room darkening such as media rooms, guest rooms, spa rooms, etc?
  • An outdoor area such as a patio, pool, gazebo, etc?
  1. Purpose/Function

    Next up, you will need to determine what function these commercial window covering solutions will have. Are you installing them for one or more of the following reasons?

    • Privacy
    • UV Protection
    • Control Lighting and Glare
    • Increase Work Productivity
    • Reduce Energy Costs
    • Completely Darken a Room
    • Enhance Decor
  1. ADA Compliance/ Safety

    Some commercial locations such as hotels and health care facilities need to comply with ADA guidelines. These guidelines lay out how the window treatments must be operated, what kind of fabrics need to be used (for example fire rated fabrics), and more.

    If your commercial window treatments must be ADA compliant, it is important to know the guidelines to determine which window treatment style and method of operation is best for your location.

  2. Operation

    The next step is to determine how you would like your commercial window treatments to be operated.
    For large-scale commercial/industrial buildings automated window treatments are highly recommended as they offer ease of operation, allows you to easily adjust solutions in hard to reach places, require less maintenance, can be synced with your current whole-building automation system, and more.

    If you are looking to install in a smaller space, and do not mind hands-on operation, you can choose to operate your window treatments via wands, continuous loop, spring assist, and more. However, motorization is still highly recommended.

  3. Style

    Now that you have determined the purpose, safety needs, and operation, you can finally browse through styles that match your requirements such as draperies, shades, blinds, exterior window treatments solutions and more.

  4.     Hiring A Professional

    Hiring a professional window treatment company like Shades By Design can help make this process a lot easier. With our professionals, you are able to browse through different window treatment styles, fabric selections, hardware, operating methods and more. In the end, you will also have peace of mind that you made a great choice for your commercial space and that everything is professionally installed.

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