Protect Your Furniture, Floors, and Artwork from fading this Summer While Adding Beauty to Your Space

Protect Your Furniture, Floors, and Artwork from fading this Summer While Adding Beauty to Your Space

It’s the first day of summer and we can feel the strength of the sun’s rays already!
At Shades By Design we understand how important the décor and atmosphere of your home is and we want to help with that. The best time to brighten the house with natural light is during the summer months, but most may be hesitant to do this due to the damage UV rays can cause our floors, artwork, furniture and more. Also, with more natural light is usually accompanied with more heats, and that’s something no one cares to have.
With Hunter Douglas Shading Solutions, these negatives are now a thing of the past! Take a look at some of the Window Treatments we recommend this summer!
All of the following treatments are customizable (choose your color, and size), may be motorized, offer up to 75% UV protection, and can be used with convenient operating systems of your choice.
Also, now through June 26th, during the Hunter Douglas “Celebration of Light Savings Event” you can receive $100 rebates on qualifying purchases of the following products!

ClearView Window shades

ClearView® shading preserves your view of the outdoors with its ultra-sheer fabric while still offering up to 75% UV protection and light diffusion. Enjoy the outdoors from inside your space with this option.



Sihouette Duolite Window Treatments

With Silhouette Duolite™, as the DUO in the name suggests, with this 2017 Red Dot Award winning option you get the best of both worlds. You receive the gorgeous design and light diffusion of silhouette shadings and independently operated roller shade perfectly resting in the back for greater control of the natural light.



Alustra silhouette window treatments

Alustra® Collection of Silhouette® offers the same benefits and beauty of the original Duolite with an exclusive selection of textured from sheers and metallic accented vanes.


Luminette window shades

The Luminette® collection is perfect for large windows and sliding doors with options for privacy and unlimited light control. With 180-degree rotating vertical fabric vanes, this option can soften exterior light with by spreading it evenly throughout your room.


Pirouette shading soulution

The Pirouette® collection offers ultimate versatility in fabric shading. These shadings have soft horizontal fabric vanes (in the color of your choice) attached to a sheer backing allowing you to get a nice view of the outside, while still being in control of the amount of light that gets into your space


alustra fabrics window shades

Alustra® Collection of Pirouette® Offers the same gorgeous design as the original Pirouette® collection, but with more refined textured fabrics.


Are you ready to let the light beam into your home this Summer on your own terms? Visit one of our showrooms near you, or call us today for your FREE on-site consultation!

For more about the Celebration of Light Savings Event, click here.

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